Alice Springs Photographer Blog

Alice Desert Festival 2011

 I have to start out by saying that it's amazing evert put on by and for the best of Central Australias leading musical and performing arts acts.

That being said its been a week since it all ended and the hectic schedule of shooting and editing of course ended with it. It was my best festival yet and the images that I'll be handing over to the Red Hot Arts crew my strongest so far. It was great photographic exercise to go from shooting bands at night to kids carnivals during the day with everything in between.

The festival went for 10 days and really was a class production all round with the biggest staging rig ever present at the Alice Desert Festival. The lighting crew needs to get a huge shout out because the lighting system was pure magic to shoot under. It's not a common thing for a photographer to say but during this festival I just went with it and shot what was there. The set of images from this festival are a continued application of some lighting techniques I've been studying for more than two years.

Using small remote controlled flash systems for portraiture and commercial shoots has taught me to think very differently about the lighting of a scene. It was also very exciting to once again pick up the digital kit and intensely shoot with it after shooting medium format for the last few months.

If you are travelling through the Alice in spring next year be sure to go and check it out.