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Arrived in Tassie

Tasmania is my second home and I'm back for the 11/12 summer walking season to continue my landscape work. This is the fourth year in a row that I have made the migration down to the cooler climes to escape the red centres blistering heat.

This year I do have an added assignment with the Tasmania Land Conservancy group documenting a survey of an endangered eucalypt on the central plateau. For this job I'll be spending 3 weeks in some of this wonderful islands most remote and coldest corners.

Along with this it's going to be another walking summer with plans to revisit the South Coast, Western Arthur Ranges and the Walls of Jerusalem. Obviously for pleasure but to also work on my Tasmanian landscape series and a growing portraiture project that is shaping up to be one of m biggest yet.

I'll be writing more posts from my phone as I'm happy to say that I have very little time for computer based work.