Alice Springs Photographer Blog

Time out

Of late I haven't been shooting as much as previously. I have been on the move so much the last months that I have really struggled to put my photographic roots down anywhere. To put it simply I have been to every state in Australia over the last 2 months except south Australia.

I believe that usually this might be a grand opportunity to just go nuts and shoot everything I've seen. But I've found it a little the opposite to be honest. I've been shooting frames but what I'm missing is the inside local knowledge or at least the time to do adequate research. It feels like I have been bumbling, in a photographic sense through the last 2 months.

As a guy who is very much used to creating and producing material it has been very challenging. I do find it difficult to go along without making something that reflects my experience. This is all coming to an end as on Monday I'll be heading into the central highlands of Tasman for a 25 day project working with a highly endangered encapypt.

It is an exercise to be so lax with with my last few months but while is was a bit of a tax on the mind in a negative way it's has surely led me to be fully motivated to undertake the future planed projects.