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Got Pound? Why Landscape comes first

Got Pound?Landscape photography has always been my first love both in the scene of it was the first genre to get me interested and also in its where my primary photographic expression lays.

Landscape helps me express how I feel about a place and time, its a language that I've learnt to speak and through time learnt how to communicate it to others. Can it be as simple as going and grabbing a great shot? hell yeah it can be and I've got no problems with that because to be a good photographer you have to take it as it comes. Sometimes it comes easy and its all just there in front of you, all you have to do is frame it up set your exposure and push the button.

But what I find is so much more rewarding is being able to see the potential of a location before its all just there in front of you. To be able to imagine that a few clumps of grass that look the same a every other clump out there could be something that could sing. To imagine that with the right angle you could somehow put a very vast landscape into a box and have it remain as vast as you see it. To imagine that with the right clouds and right light passing through them that the camera would be able to see it all with out loosing detail in the bright sky and the deepest shadow.

Spending 4 out of 5 afternoons last week just exploring the location and how the direction of the sun light interacts with it was how this shot originally came to be. Being patient enough to let the clouds on that afternoon move into the right position for that light to pass through them and also balance the composition equally was essential. But the ability to put this research into action and foresee the break in the approaching clouds and that in 10 minutes time if I put myself in this spot and framed up a shot that shot would meet me there and we'd have a lovely afternoon chat.

Understanding that it looks good when its happening is one thing but understanding that its going to look good in 10 minutes and all I have to do is wait for it to come along is another thing altogether.