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Photo Essay: Wirrumanu Eagles, a Sunset and Nungala

Sunset of the Game

The weekly game of footy in Wirrumanu is definitely a highlight to be savoured as there isn't too much going on anywhere else in town. That is except for the number of "casinos" that spring up anywhere there is shade but I'm crap at playing cards and I want to hold onto my money so that's just not going to happen.

I'm working with most of the guys in these games on the Motika project and so its great to spend time with them outside of that. Its week three of the project and the guys have been doing well to stay onboard the project and keep working and learning about photography. It can be a bit of a struggle to keep them there and you really do have to be quickly adaptable in order to do so but the results are very rewarding for them. Naturally I can't show you their work for the project as we are going to be making a show out of it but what I can show you is the footy game.

The most noticeable difference on this afternoon was the last days there have been 50 something guys all playing at once which is a bit of a challenge for us spectators. Challenging in that the only way you can tell what team they are on is the direction they kick the ball. No jerseys and no shirts on / shirts off teams....