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Quick Update

Me, Motika and yes the abundance of the desertSo the last 2 months since the last blog post has been possibly the most amazing time in my life.

For a start... ahhh I get to the long story later so you'll have to wait but what I'll tell you now is that I'm living in Balgo Western Australia in the middle of the desert still but a very, very different desert. I out here working as a photography tutor in the art centre with the you people of the community. Being out here for 4 months is a dream come true and even after just 2 days at work I've already fallen in love with the place and people. Once again more details soon about this one

If you are coming here looking for a photographer in Alice Springs please do contact me and I will forward you to a photographer in Alice Springs that in my opynion is doing the finest work.

I'll post some more details this weekend when I can get a bit more time to put the story together.

See you then