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The beginning of Times in Balgo

So I find myself living further away, moving from Alice Springs my home of more than 3 years to Balgo in Western Australia.

Flying in on Tuesday

My family and friends ask me "where is it?" to which my reply is usually halfway between Alice Springs and Broome, just over the West Australian boarder along the Tanami track. But as the first few days of this new life pass by it becomes increasingly less relevant to me where I am in relation to the rest of the world. I am here and that’s all that seems to matter.

To place me on a map doesn’t provide context anymore and it feels as if Balgo has become my world which might sound a little worrying to most. However, this place an island of human society floating in an endless sea of flowering spinifex and deep red gibber is a little place with a grand heart full of new emotions and experiences.

This is the first time that I've spent more than an overnight stay on a community and the pleasure it is to be re-educated or should I say more precisely educated for the first time is immense. Old men and women waddle into the art centre daily to paint and be together. Their presence physically and spiritually is overwhelmingly humbling to me and I ask myself. What have they seen though their eyes, what have the seen with their minds.

Young men begin to warm to the idea of using photography as a form of expression and begin to form new networks amongst themselves over this new opportunity of expression. New friendships between people that have lived in such close proximity all their lives but somehow never laid eyes on each other before.

My forth day, a Saturday, leads me to wonder with my first amounts of available time that this could be the start of new life experiences for all parties involved.


The desert again provides knowledge, courage and openness to those willing to seek it.



At work amongst the spinifex

Rallying the troops at the footy field

Sings of posts

Walking home after work