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Photo Essay: Travelling West Australia's Kimberley

Destinations not on the mapLiving in Wirrumanu has been such a life changing experience both professionally and personally and to then have the opportunity to extend that experience into the greater Kimberley region is very much a continuation of that dream.

Travelling the Kimberleys over the last two weeks has been such a wake up call to the magic and diversity of Australia's landscapes. I have experienced these wake up calls many times before in Tasmania and Central Australia for example but the Kimberleys are again a very unique part of this country. To say that I experienced it all would be the wrong because of a few little factors that did inhibit our journey reaching the more famous destinations like the Bungle Bungles for example.

The biggest and most apparent factor was that all the national parks in the entire region were close (DOH) due to the truly unseasonable amounts of rain that fell through the the beginning months of the year. Don't worry I'm not got to drop the facts about just how much rain fell but you can rest assured it was enough to shut down the whole region.

So in reassessing our original intended journey we decided to make the most of the smaller more out of the way places that most travellers might not even stop at. It ultimately was still a very satisfying journey as the area quite luckily for us ill planned travellers does have spectacular country to spare.

Most of the time the places we camped at were beside the highway, just far enough off the road to not hear it or see it and most not having been used for some time.