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Cable Beach, Broome

It's a really nice beach. As a Queenslander that grew up close to the beach and water it is a rare thing for me to say. I'm a bit of a beach snob you could say and the only reason why I'm like that is because I've had golden beaches on tap for my entire youth.

Cable beach is not to dissimilar to many of the spectacular Western Australian beaches I've visited in the last few months but it dose have something unique. That beach vibe that so many want to cash in on. Its still here at cable beach and even in the middle of the tourist season you can still find a patch of sand to claim as your own for the afternoon.

I shot a great series of portraits with the Mamiya RB using the beautiful light late in the afternoon but we will all have to wait until I get the film developed to see them. Using the Mamiya RB medium Format film camera has to be the best technical photographic experience I've had in a while. It could take 2-5 minutes to setup a shot and all the while a stranger standing in front of you. Its a beautiful challenge to keep them entertained while still being able to translate what I'm imagining into the shot.

More soon.