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Moving On

Stuart Highway, NT

So the end to my time in Balgo came about quickly so quick that only good fortune followed.

The last 2 weeks has been another of those times where so much activity and travel has been condensed. At the beginning of the two weeks I was still in balgo and as the end of the two weeks comes about I ending up not far from there at Halls Creek.

Its Funny how that happens but the journey has been pretty amazing. A flight from Balgo to Kununurra, bus from there to Darwin, flight from Darwin to Alice Springs and then a mammoth drive from Alice to Brisbane, flight from brisbne to Perth then broome and as I write this I'm driving from Broome to Halls Creek.

So you could say that it's been a pretty hectic two weeks and you'd be right but a very enjoyable tine it's been. I haven't been photographing the whole journey as much as previous because I'm now concentrating on using my medium format film cameras. I did have the digital setup all the way to Brisbane but after that it's pretty well just been on film.

I do have the trusty 5D MK2 with me but I only have a 50mm lens for it and I'm delighted to have such a limited setup. There has been a new addition to the digital camera collection with a new iPhone 4 but other than fun this camera won't be getting too much serious work.

The reason why I've left the digital "workhourse" setup behine is because I have a new job that has nothing to do with photography. It pays really well, I get to travel to really remote places and have access to a 4x4 but still this time I am devoting to recording on film. Film has been lingering around me for about a year now and while I have really loved the learning process I feel as though digital photography has still taken much of my attention.

To be able to have a time in my photographic journey where I can commit to shooting and learning film without loosing out on my photo business that depends on the flexibility of digital is simply too good to pass up. Sometimes I do feel as though I am loosing out when I see photos from friends and
colleague on the internet but that feeling quickly leaves me because...

Its a lesson in  patience and technique.

Be sure to stay tuned for the developments in this area.


Below is a link to the photo essay which might help exain my movements in a clearer way.

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