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Working on a new Photo Essay

The photo essay is fast becoming how I live my life through photography. After years of shooting I am getting to the stage where I am really not that interested in taking photos just for the hell of it. I want my photos to tell a story whether it be the story of my life or the story of the people, places and times that I have interacted with.

Over the last months I have been living in a very unique part of Australia with the less than desirable nickname of Hells Crack. Halls Creek is a very remote small town in the far East of Western Australia's Kimberley region and it is, as I have found, anything but Hells Crack. The bad years of this towns poison relationship with alcohol and the local people has long passed to reveal a peaceful place where grey nomads can walk beside people from the most remote aboriginal communities in Australia. So to tell this story I'm not going to apply myself to the sensational of the dramatic just what is there, what I see everyday as I walk the streets and interact with the people.

Halls Creek is like most places in remote Australia that I have been in that it is a place of great opportunity. High paying jobs combined with a very relaxed lifestyle is a very attractive prospect for a lot of wanderers looking for somewhere to begin a new. Combine this with the strong culture of the area and Halls Creek is as charming as any of the most notable destination in the Kimberley. Its a tall statement but I do hope to convey this in the photo essay which will be ready to roll mid September.

I would like to have the essay entirely shot on film with either the Mamiya RB 67 medium format or the Toyo CF45 Large format cameras using Portra 400 film for the town shots and Velvia 50 for the landscapes. Whether or not I'll have the material to make the essay an all film affair is still to be seen as I just sent the first 5 weeks worth of photos to Adelaide to be developed. Part of the fun of film is only time will tell.