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Almost at the End of Halls Creek

I'm really going to miss it this place. Halls Creek is nothing like what I expected and definitely nothing like its acutely frightening nick name of Hells Crack.

After spending the last 10 weeks here it is bizarre to think that I would not think twice about returning and getting more work. It has really been that good to me and I dont know what exactly makes me feel this. But it is most likely the fact that my job was to engage with the community as a whole so I was lucky to have had an amazing opportunity to meet the people and to have a great insight into the social dynamics.

So many things will remain with me as iconic to Halls Creek like this chair outside the IGA supermarket. It has to be one of the most well used seats I have ever seen and just by being there it is a great social hub in itself. The sharp Kimberley midday light cutting the shadows like a razor and its apparent starkness on first impressions all make it an icon. As a visitor you could be forgiven for just walking past and taking no notice but this chair is where people meet, talk, sit and watch the happenings of the main street.

A wonder in itself.