Alice Springs Photographer Blog

Back to the Alice

Its so good to be back in the Centre after a 4 month break. I'm back here to photograph the Alice Desert Festival 2011 which is where Central Australia's biggest and best performers and artists get to lash out. The last weekend was by far the busiest one for a long time with Friday night and a very long Saturday and Sunday.

The Journey here was once again a bit ramshackle with a 3 day stay in Kalgoorlie just before flying back here 3 days earlier than expected, lucky for me the golden crew in Alice are an adaptable bunch. But my feet didn't even have to touch the ground before I was champing with excitement. The Flight from Kalgoorlie to Alice Springs flies over some of the most remote desert areas in Australia so as usual the journey was as much enjoyed as the destination.

First out of the plane then a short dirve into town and it was on. I arrived late in the afternoon to a sky filled with smoke and light so I couldn't help getting the camera out and going for a quick walk while the light was there. This was the first time I had used the digital camrea for a while and you really do forget how lazy you can be with a digital setup. But it was so good be be back here and see all the old crew.

I haden't expected to be back here for at least a year with the current travel plans and was pretty bummed about it. Over the last week it did come to light just how much the centre and Alice Springs does mean to me. Its a place where if you can do what you want provided you have enough self determination to keep with it. 

Over the next week I'll be posting a selection of Festival Shots from the Alice Desert Festival 2011 primarly to my Facebook page so head on over there to check them out. I'll do a full write up of the fest when it all settles back down to a relatively normal pace again.