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Alaska Photography Blog - Soon!

A lot of people have been asking me about my photos from my sailing journey around Alaska that finished about a month ago now. My usual response being "as soon as I get some time on the computer to sort and edit them. The time has been difficult to find as I've been living out of my car for the last 2 weeks here in Alice while waiting for a room at a friends house to become vacant.

While most poeple might think that living out of a car would be highly undesirable it's second nature to my partner and myself. We spent the last 3 months of 2011, before we went to the Americas, living out of our car and touring the east coast and Tasmania. Don't misunderstand, it is cramped and uncomfortable at times but for the rest it is freedom and adventure rolled into a moble home.

One of my only gripes with the arrrangment is the lack of power. Power to charge my camera batteries and operate the laptop so I can spend time doing the other half of what I love, editing. Having the time and not the power to edit the Alaskan photos the last few weeks was fursterating. I know that I've got some stunning material that I can package in a number of ways but its just been out of my reach to make it happen.

Over the next few weeks, now that I have a house and the creature comfort of a few power points, I'm going to be tackeling a number of tasks that need to be done. Firstly rebuild my desktop computer and consolidate the last years worth of work into a single location. Secondly get into making something of the photos that have been waiting for so long now. It sounds easy but it can be very time consuming so for those who are waiting all I can say is it'll be worth that wait.