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POSTCARD - Uluru & Solar Eclipse - Northern Territory, Australia


Far away from the height of eclipse action in Cairns is where I found myself during this special event. So far away that I had all but given up on getting a unique shot of it because not only was I 1500km away from the 'best' place to view it but also because I was working. Being a tour guide means that you do give up so many amazing photographic moments because you've got a job to do. A fantastic set of clouds on a mountain range... sigh, keep driving you've got to be somewhere.

But sometimes it all works out so that my passangers get what they paid for and I get the chance to shoot some quality images. YEAH! Its does happen and as the sun and moon aligned over Uluru the fortuitious allignment of my tour and this same glorious natural event seemed too good to be true. The tour itinery had us at Kata Tjuta sunrise the same morning as the eclipse and from this vantage spot Uluru sits on the eastern horizon. The eclipse, the rock and myself... as well as 100 tourists all in perfect allignment with eachother.


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