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Zipolite, Mexico - Travel Photography Blog

Travel is ment to be an adventure mixed with moments of personal awakening, frustrating challenges and coma like relaxation.

Zipolite is almost the essence of the latter, coma like relaxation.

It's a town that sits on a coastline with numerous stretches of beaches separated by impressive rocky headlands and dotted with everything from resorts to grungy hippy hangouts. It is regarded as the hippies hippy hangout and has been for decades. Its very common to meet the outer stratosphere of the hippy kind on their third visit since the seventies. For example the Norwegian guy staying in the room opposite complete with thinning waist length dreadlocks and over tanned leatherish skin was on his 3rd visit in as many decades, so its no exaggeration. It's that kind of place and from all historical travel accounts hasn't changed much over that period except for a few new places to stay.

Zipolite was recommended to me by at least two friends back in Australia who told stories of regge bars on the beach thick with the fumes of weed. Ok you can stop there, I'm sold, I'm sure was my response at the time but it turned out to be a much more than this hedonistic Mecca. In the week we stayed there we went snorkeling twice including a tasting of the local mussels and sea snails fresh caught by hand by our deep diving guides. Found the most beautiful and delicious traditional Mexican food made and served by truly passionate people. We made two amazing new friends Jannis and Jessica and enjoyed life in a way that you could only be lucky enough to a handful of times in your life.

It really was that good, good enough to delay our departure twice and cut out another town we intended to stay at. For me it was hard to leave but after a solid week of this Mexican beach side paradise it was decided to leave while still riding the crest of the wave. It would be a shame to overstay in such a place especially since my quota for naked old people was reached 30 seconds into our first walk on the beach.