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Postcards - Times Square, New York

Walking into the midnight mayhem of New York's Time Square is the most eye popping man made visual overload I have experienced. The midnight sky above is a bright haze of soft purplish blues while the scene at street level is indescribable... but I'll give it a go. TV screens that cover entire buildings for blocks flash no-stop consumption recommendations to the bewildered masses peering up from below in awe. Perfume, cars, cloths, TV's, shoes, jewellery, phones food, brands you know and then some brands that you don't have any idea what they actually do like Bayer. 

I chose this image because I love the juxtaposition of the flashy polished and perfect Time Square vs the old sanded down dull lines of an american classic being restored. While inside the car itself the same struggle exists with the American classic luxury sports car a symbol of consumerist independence with the Cuban flag hanging from the rear view mirror.