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5D mkIII - The new camera has arrived


So a little while ago in Guatemala I was abruptly parted with my 5D mkII and 24-70 f/2.8L a camera and lens I'd used almost daily for 3 years. I love cameras but always thought of the 5D mkII as more of a tool rather than an attachment but when it left my life I was sad to loose it. I was devastated to not be able to record my life, travels and people I meet but I assume all things happen for a reason and that good is everywhere.

So the day after being parted with the camera and after all nessesary formalities had been carried out I began plotting and planing on ways to get another camera. As it turns out after much careful research I found that the newly announced replacement the 5D mkIII was almost about to hit the stores. When exactly I wasn't sure because the two biggest distributors in the US B&H and Adorama both having stores in NYC and both websites said preorder only. But after checking back a few hours later Adorama had updated their website to say shipping. So I frantically called them to ask if they really did have them in stock and if they could hold one for me. Naturally some guy in Singapore answered and he only knew what was in their international warehouse not what was on the shelf in New York so more digging was required to find the actual number for their store.

Why not get it shipped to Guatemala, Belize or Mexico? Well lets just say a $3500 camera in transit to any of these countries just didn't sit well with me. That and the last thing I'd want is to haggle in my broken Spanish with a customs official looking for a quick bribe or a fancy new camera. Besides I'd always wanted to go to New York and what an excuse! Flights from Cancun to NYC were cheap, I'd get to visit some amazing galleries and as it turned out make some great new friends.

So I managed to get someone on the phone from the Adorama store in NYC who confirmed that yes they had a few in the store. I booked the flights and then a day or so later set out from Panajanhel towards Belize and Mexico seeing the sites along the way... sans camera. It was a nice change travelling without a camera, not needing to push myself to get a good shot no waking up early or staying up late and just having good times with the lady friend. But man there were some great places that I would have loved to of had the camera and well the iPhone camera is good but meh!

NYC was a great city and the feeling of getting my hands on the camera at the store the day afer I arrived was like a new breath of life.

The 5D mkIII fresh out of the box

Some images from NYC