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The Magnetic North Voyage

It has been 3 months in the works and it is finally underway. The Magnetic North Voyage is set to be a 3 month journey from Seattle to the south West of Alaska following the inside passage that takes us between Vancouver island and the Canadian mainland. Along the way the plan is to stop and enjoy the small towns, Harboring overnight in secluded bays and get our sea legs.

The crew consists of myself my partner a friendly German Felix and our captain John who has worked tirelessly to get the voyage going. We arrived in Seattle a week ago to spend some time working on the boat preparing it for the voyage and as I write this we are 3 nights into the voyage.

We are all getting up to speed with the new world of sailing. I'm finding it to be a great experience in understanding the environment in a new way and learning to see wind. As we glide along I'm often wondering if what I see the wind doing is similar to what the birds see intuitivaly.

The first day of real sailing kicked up more than we as a crew were prepared for with the boat heaving over more than 45 degrees at times. The frosty jade green salt water of the inside passage rushing onto what was previously thought of as the walkway up the side of the boat surprised and excited us. Our stern and trusty captain always calm just steared us into the wind a little to right the boat to a more comfortable level tho it was easy to see he was having a ball.