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Sailing to Alaska blog, Week One

At the end of the first week of sailing we are just a few hundred kilometers north of Seattle and anchored in the gorgeous Blubber Bay on Texada Island Canada. We got off to a slow start with a few minor mechanical issues that were resolved easily and quickly thanks to the wonders of caulk and epoxy resin.

In the week we managed to visit a few quirky sea side towns like Friday Harbor and Nanimo plus get in some much needed sailing experience. Most of our time however has been spent casually drifting by the pine forest covered San Juan islands and mooring overnight in secluded bays and harbors. These out of the way places which are inhabited by other boaters heading north and locals have been an easy introduction to the northern wilderness.

We have also been blessed by some great weather including sunny days with fine sailing winds to push us along the incredibly clear waters. While sunny days were around rain is always part of the plan in these parts so what rain we did run into was a welcome addition to the acclimatization challenge. The one wether factor that was absent however was the cold most days were a comfortable 10-15 with nights getting down to 5 or so.

The crew has had its ups and downs getting used to the cramped close quarter living as well as some tricky things like sailing lingo and the dos and donts of the boat. But the boat itself is, compared to most boats I've been on, remarkably comfortable and spacious so everyone has a good amount of personal space if they need. The dos and donts are just a nesessesity and part of playing arond on someone else's very expensive toy.

We are continuing ever north at the moment and just passing the Johnstone Straight towards the north of Vancouver Island in fine weather. lucily I'm able to write while we cruze along and at night which is a welcom opportunity as so far on my travels I haven't found the time to write. I'm looking forward to keeping up to date with writing of the Magnetic North Voyage as well as catching up on the last few months of adventures.