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POSTCARD - Sarah - Toronto, Canada


Sarah sat on the edge of a wooden table at the corner of Queen St West and ----- She had all her attention focused on her phone busily texting not noticing the many passers by on the hectic rush hour street. I passed by like all others thinking blue dress with white polkadots, white cardigan, white handbag and fair blonde complexion.

As I crossed to the opposite corner and took more steps away I just couldn't get her image out of my mind. I had to turn around cross the busy street again and ask if I could make a photo of her. I'm always nervious of what people might say.

No is never a problem as its direct and easy to work with, yes I find is much the same. Why is the response I have a bit of a hard time answering and my usual response is to make up some garb about being a photographer.

But with Sarah I simply told her that she was already a beautiful photograph and all I'd like to do is bring that photograph into being. Seconds after grabbing a few frames the friend she was texting arrived and I never got a chance to know her in any other way.