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POSTCARD - Toronto, Canada

One night in Toronto is not an ideal amount of time to spend in the big city. Two to three nights sure you'd get away with that but unfortunately one night is all we had.

I wanted to go to the city to see the Contact Photo Festival which had dozens photography exhibits showing the work of some greats. I had wanted to arrive in the early morning so I could get a decent way through the exhibits I wanted to see in the first day. But Toronto has the worst traffic I've seen and we didn't arrive until 12pm. That afternoon I walked to as many shows as I could before the closing and to my financial delight the biggest show was free and open till 9pm. The show was a retrospective of Bernice Abbott and pretty much the only reason I went to Toronto.

I was gorging myself on photographic nourishment and as you might think it inspired me to make a few of my own. I have been making a series of portraits of people I meet along my travels and since arriving in the US I had slacked off a bit. Felling overshadowed by the greatness of the work I had feasted on combined with having an hour to kill before heading back to the hotel I decided to try my luck. One, two, three portraits I made of people I saw on the street but I wasn't completely satisfied. I wandered some more down a back street full of houses.

First I heard the guitar then the laughing. I looked up off the street to see perched on a rooftop a group of guys drinking and playing music. I was alone and driven so I somewhat hesitantly made my way to the houses front door and knocked.

Err hi I'm Steve I'm a photographer from Australia and this might sound a bit weird but... Seconds later I was invited in, given a beer and sent to the roof. The view across the city's rooftops in the late afternoon was spectacular and I sat with the crew till it was dark and time to move on.