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POSTCARD - Stump, Buffalo, New York

Stump. Now picture yourself at an art gallery opening in downtown Buffalo hanging with new friends trying to work out what kind of drinking game you'll be playing later that night.

What I imagined, some sort of balancing game involving a tree stump and an ever increasing blood alcohol level was way off. It turned out to be something that sounded quite ridiculous at first as I'm sure most drinking games do but as the eve descended into ever more PBRs (local cheep beer) rendered exhausted it not only became more fun but also a touch more dangerous.

What is "Stump"? Stump is a game where you have a huge tree stump, a box of 12cm long nails, a hammer, a six pack and the need to throw the hammer into the air. However the trick is you can flip the hammer in front of you, under your leg or behind your back, for these feats of coordination you get 1,2 or 3 hits on a nail. Everybody gets a personal nail and with your allotted whacks you get the chance to hammer in others nails, when your nail is completely driven in your out.

Like I said sounds stupid but as I whacked ,drank and laughed with some real grand people in a converted old warehouse/house/community workshop it was magic. Like almost all the memorable experiences along this 9 month journey it was a time and place where I was included, gifted the friendship and hospitality of strangers and shown something uniquely beautiful. Sure smashing nails into a stump isn't exactly beautiful but the time, place and people were.