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POSTCARD - Neil, Bella Bella, British Colombia

Neil is the funniest bastard I've ever met, he had the 3 of us and a crew from a 35m fishsing boat is stitches for 2 full hours. He is however not just a funny old bastard. Neil owns two profitable comapanies in BC and here in this photo is takes a break from entertaining us to check in with his managers.

Neil's story continues much much deeper than that. He is currently rowing his 3m open top row boat from Vancouver to Alaska, a journey that has taken us 2 months so far. He stops in at the villages, camps wild when he needs and travels with the tides. He is a very wealthy man in life experience and money who says "Ey mate" to everybody he meets.

In life you always underestimate your abilities and those of others. Neil is as I said to him that afternoon is the sunlight "the trippers tripper".