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 Nelson Falls, Tasmania

Nelson Falls, Tasmania

It is just incredible to think how many waterfalls just as beautiful as this one might be hidden deep within Tasmania's wilderness.  As a adventurer and avid hiker I spend hours daydreaming of places like this, how much effort and time it might take to reach them and that sensation of seclusion and connection when reaching that sought after final destination. 

To be paid to wander the wilderness with international travellers teaching them all about Tasmania's natural beauty is a fantastic job. The forfillment I get from seeing people eyes wide open absorbing every morsel of wonder that places like this emit is a what every job should have but unfortunately rarely does. The amount of work required to keep a journey flowing smoothly is sometimes exhausting but it is never draining.

The personal rewards grow even greater when considering that I also get to take it all in and when time permits also manage to plant the tripod into the soil and grab a few frames. 

This summer of touring is going to be very, very enjoyable.