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Postcard - Stuart Highway - South Australia

 Stuart Highway SA, a slight different view 

Stuart Highway SA, a slight different view 

The Stuart Highway runs straight through the centre of Australia for Adelaide to Darwin and believe it or not it is around 3000Km long. I regularly drive this highway when I'm on duty as a tour guide heading down to Uluru and also as I drive to some other great photo destinations North or South of Alice Springs. 

Photographing such a highway in a new way is not an easy feat after hundreds of journeys along it. You become to familiar with it and think that you've got all the shots you can of the endless strait road disappearing into the distant horizon.

But after spending the previous night at Lake Hart (Postcard Blog here) and experiencing, even by Central Australian standards, the perfectly clear open horizons I I had a revelation. I chose to make the highway only an element of the shot and instead made the open barren landscape that encapsulates the highway speak as the main subject. I was so happy to have previsualised the shot found the perfect location and had fantastic light to shoot it in. 

No matter how familiar a subject is if you apply a new method to see the shot and discover a new photograph.