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Preparations for this years Travel


In 2012 I spent 9 months on the road travelling to many of my dream destinations like New Zealand, the South West USA, Alaska and all through Central America. But what I have planned for this year is set to be some of my biggest, most elaborate and chilling travel ever.

I am excited to announce that this year between February and June I’ll be visiting Tasmania, Iceland, Greenland, Europe, Jordan and Israel. The planning stages for this trip have been long and to get to the stage when I am confident enough to make it publicly official is one more thing that makes it more feel to me that it’s really happening.

The beginnings of this trip came about at the final stages of last years travels while I was still in Alaska. My good friends that I had hiked with in New Zealand had the idea of going to Greenland on a 17 day Nordic Skiing expedition to explore the glaciers and mountains on the east coast just inside the Artic Circle. Obviously something that I’d love to do this 17 day period did come with a hefty price tag of over AUD $10,000 when totalled.

Yes, expensive, very expensive and I was far from being in a solid financial state after already travelling for 9 months. So as soon as I arrived back in Australia I set my sights on Alice Springs and its need for enthusiastic workers. From September to the end of January I worked almost nonstop as a photographer and at WAYOUTBACK.COM as a guide as well as in the depot. During the Christmas New Year period I worked 120 hours over 2 weeks and I was more than happy to do so in order to finance the trip.

As the money began to come in and I started to buy plane tickets I decided to add on a 3 week stint in Iceland with the only goal of photographing the landscapes. I was going to have to go though Iceland to get to Greenland so it just made sense to take the opportunity to explore. In Iceland I’ll be hiring a car so I can cover the whole island and maximise the possibilities. In Iceland I’ll also be learning how to ski… a good thing to do before I’m expected to do it for 17 days straight.

As these two chapters of the journey come to an end I’ll be meeting up with my lady love and making way to the UK where we’ will be hanging out with some of the best tree climbers in the world. We will be getting some special training for an upcoming fieldwork session in South East Queensland researching epiphytes in the cloud forests. Once our short stay there is done it’ll be off to Jordan where I’ll once again be in the red sands of the desert but a very different desert. In Jordan we have 3 main destinations Wadi Rum, Petra and the southern coastline.

From Jordan we will make our way over land to Israel travelling through a few places like the West Bank and Gaza, which should be interesting to say the least. All up it will be another 3 months on the road and possibly my one jaunt out of Australia this year.  So I think that it will be for me personally quite an eye opening and educational trip about some new cultures as well as what I’m capable of physically and creatively