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Traveling to Iceland and my Assumptions


Getting to Iceland form Tasmania would not be described as a short Journey. Currently I’m on the last leg of the journey flying from London to Reykjavík awaiting the plane to get extra fuel to accommodate alternative plans, make of this what you will.

This flight is the 5th flight in close sequence with the longest stop over being a 7 hours in London just enough to meet my girlfriends sister crash her couch for 4 hours and keep going. The exact sequence is as follows Hobart to Brisbane, Brisbane to Singapore, Singapore to Dubai, Dubai to London, London to Reykjavík… or alternate. Or alternate is possibly the first true sign of  the wild and subarctic environment I’m heading into and its got me sitting up and paying attention.

Iceland is I’m assuming going to be quite a relaxed country or at least I’m hoping it is just long enough to catch up on some sleep and shake off the jetlag. My first two nights will be in the capital Reykjavík and besides sleeping I’ll be wanting to see what the city has to offer. Nothing thrusts you into action like the need to organise food for hiking and a few additional bit and pieces of gear.

The city would be a dream if it continued to be as gloomy as it is here in London at the present moment. Fine weather is always appreciated but I’d like to shoot a gloomy city at dusk as the lights come on and the wet streets reflect the colours. Reykjavík is I’m hoping going to be a great cultural introduction to Iceland and a planned day visiting as many museums as galleries should take care of my quite enthusiastic curiosity for this my first foray this far north in to Scandinavian culture.

Aside from my brief stay in the city I truly believe getting out and driving through the county side visiting as many quirky villages as possible with prove to be just as educational. The benefits of having a car and a camera are limited only by ones thirst to keep exploring and discovering the people and lifestyle is a major reason for my visit.

Another major reason is of course the dramatic volcanic, glacial, landscapes of Iceland this goes without saying and from what I’ve read a keen walker and photographer like me should have no problems. The landscape in particular is something that I’m trying to leave a blank slate with only ideas and a long list of locations to visit. Being flexible and adaptable to weather and opportunity is my ethos of this trip. More than any other trip I’ll play it by ear and leap and any opportunity and offering of hospitality and local information.

On a quick footnote to this article is a bit of musical Inspiration from Mendelssohn

Lately I’ve been completely stuck on classical music almost exclusively apart from the odd audiobook and podcast. I think it’s a reaction to an overdose of pop music I suffered while I was in contact with a TV. Of all my recent listening exploits one clearly stands out as a soundtrack to this journey to Iceland.

Its Mendelssohn’s The Hebrides, Op.26 (Fingal's Cave)

Its such a up and down quiet and peaceful to roaring triumphant soundscape inspired by his visit to the Hebrides Islands in Northern Scotland. Somewhat close to where I’m going geographically and I’m sure its going to fit quite well with all the long waits for the right light and moments of frantic shooting ahead.

Spent Two hours on the ground at Luton airport and after such an early and at times stressful wake up and journey to get there on time it felt like quite a false start.