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Iceland Photography Blog 1 - Reykjavik, Welcome to the north

Like no other place I've been in the world Iceland is a place where I feel at home amoungst my people. Today my first full day has been a very lucky but busy day shooting and exploring this city.

To say that its cold, wet, cold somewhat bleak might be true however its none of these things if you apply yourself to getting out there no matter what and giving it a go. Today thats exactly what I did and I have to thank my drunken neighbour to thank for it. I was woke at around 5:30am after a much needed peaceful and most importantly horizontal 12 sleep, made 2 full pots of strong coffee and hit the streets.

Dawn was in progress and the main church is where I headed to get that must get photo and I was blessed with a sunrise of strong and vibrant colour. The strange thing about being so far north is that sunrise lasts for about 1.5 hours. This is quite a revelation to a desert dweller that is used to a good 5 minutes of quality golden light.

Moving on I headed to the shoreline just a few blocks away and once again I was lucky to be at the right place at the right time. While shooting Reykjavik's most famous sculpture I met a fellow photographer who was at the end of her time and she provided me with some wisdom. "When you're shooting the icebergs stay above the waterline" she had seen no less than 5 people loose gear to freak wave that devoured their gear.


As I ventured back to the centre of town I began to ask people for a photo and a few questions. I asked about tourism in Iceland and their personal experiences and thoughts on the number of tourists that are currently visiting the capital. All convincingly answered that the current population of tourists are well behaved and an asset to an economy that was struggling to keep its head above water. None had anything bad to say at all which was a rare thing.

Most had been living in Reykjavik for a few years but had originally lived elsewhere in the country moving here for work, study or the want for something new. 

Discovering this town was possibly on par with my ventures in New York when it comes to the how I feel at the end of the day. Today has been busy from start to finish but as I write this I'm energised much more than I have been in days.