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Iceland Photography Blog 2 - The Quick Edits so far

NOTE: These are not finalised images

Here I am waiting out a storm in a random village restaurant and so I though I'd get the computer out and get a few quick edits out to the world. It's my 3rd day on the road and it is very difficult to put to words what and most importantly the amount that I am seeing. 

As a person who has travelled across the globe to take photos I am impressed beyond anything else I've ever experienced before. Leaving Reykjavik the capital I set out on what would the standard tour for visiters to Iceland, a quick one day journey around what is called the "Golden Circle".  I found it difficult to keep going, each location or even just the roads going to these destinations was impressive.

As this first day was drawing to a close what had been a cloudy day quickly cleared to crystal clear skies perfect for auroras. Needless to say I made way to a camping spot that I had seen earlier and setup for the night. Of all I could have expected from seeing an aurora for the first time it had me standing in a frozen field doing everything I could to stay warm including yelling, stamping my feet, clapping and saying F@#K for four hours. all pretty standard reactions I would assume.

Waking early the next morning I realised that it was still clear and revisited Geyser, yes its the original one all other are named after, and spent a stunning morning enjoying the anticipation of another eruption. Travelling eastward from then I've had the pleasure of stumbling across volcano blast holes, gigantic waterfalls and mountainous landscapes all without even trying. I get the impression that one does not need to try very hard to find spectacular scenery in the most impressive of lands.

Yesterday afternoon I visited a black volcanic beach littered with icebergs and enjoyed photographing the landscape as much as photographing my fellow photographers. Perfectly bleak weather moved across the scene as dodging waves and quickly reclaiming a composition became the sport of the afternoon.  

Last nights camp was promising a night of restful sleep with almost no wind to make the fine art of tent erection into a comedic affair and none of the constant loud flapping that kept me up the previous night. But as 2am rolled past so did the strong winds and the sense that my flimsy structure was destined to become shreds of expensive hi-tech material. However as the night became morning both my tent and I were still intact and blessed buy an accidental realisation of a long standing life goal to camp in snow.

As today has progressed the storm has become a bit of an event causing my fellow more well planned travellers to panic. Roads are closed towards Reykjavik because of the wind and snow causing an almost total white out with visibility reduced to meters at times. An interesting fact about driving in iceland is its often the wind that is the biggest hazard to drivers, who would have thought.

As I am a poor organiser and reliant to a lange extent on good luck I'm quite happy to sit here in the warmth and write my experiences thus far down, I hope you like them.