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Postcard - The Middle East, Not nearly long enough


Sitting at Tel Aviv airport possibly way to early, 3 hours early, for our flight thanks to our overly cautious hotel staff I have a bit of time to write and reflect on the last 10 days of travel.

This time has been a great introduction to the Middle East with enough time to find a few worth while reasons to continue exploring in the future. The culture, the political state and a way of life equally contrasted with my own as much as any one could hope to find. The temptation to follow the tourist route en mass is just too easy, but easy in a good way.

This is because of the entire region is somewhat troubled buy persistent political and social upheavals or at least in Jordans case its geographical proximity to them. While many neighbouring nations in the area undergo radical change Jordan remains solid and it is easy to see once in country that its going to stay that way. Close relations with the US and an undeniable amount of solid support for the king both with city and country folk leave a visitor with a strong sense of security.

Indeed as I booked, flew, landed and explored I was totally oblivious to any of the concerns that it appears 90% of other western travellers have about the area.

Tourist numbers are way down so you can find cheap hotels, empty attractions and an at times overwhelming sense that you are the only westerner you've seen all day. For the avid traveller this situation is a gold mine of possibilities and can really get you the experience of immersion that is impossible when surrounded by gabbeling tour groups.