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A journey Complete - On my way back home

Wilsons Bite - Tasmania

Wilsons Bite - Tasmania

I'm just about to start my homeward journey to Australia and say goodbye to the north once more. This trip has been another life changer and a confirmation that my outdoor passion for photography and adventure is only just getting started.

Iceland and Greenland were and still are the most amazing places I've travelled for so many reasons. Iceland for its non stop weather and landscape beauty and Greenland for its unimaginable grander and stillness. The two places while similar for many environmental reasons, they are at similar latitudes, couldn't be more different culturally and in scale.

I was planning on doing some editing of images for Iceland and push out another instalment of the blog series but unfortunately some poor packing has put a stop to that ambition. So as I'm without even a place holder image of Iceland or Greenland I've published quite a special photo from a 13 Day hike in Tasmania I did in January 2013. 

This brilliant bay is almost as far south west as anyone could possibly be in the South West Wilderness area that takes up 1/3 of Tasmania. This region of Australia holds some of the most dramatic scenery and pristine wilderness imaginable. It holds the Western Arthur ranges easily the most rugged hike in Australia as well as the South Coast Track.  These places always remind me that while I'm blessed with the chance to travel to places that are dream destinations I'm also blessed by living in one of those dream destinations.