Alice Springs Photographer Blog

5D mk3 vs Forest Floor

This job is rarely as difficult or as dangerous as it is right now. Currently as I'm working anywhere between 20m and 40m above the forest floor where there is an obvious risk to myself and my gear.

2 days ago while suspended 38m above the forest floor and trying to photograph an orchid that was in quite a difficult location the unthinkable happened. My camera a Canon 5D mk3 and 17-40mm f/4L lens dropped the entire 38m distance to the forest floor. By the luck of the gods the camera was fine and after a very detailed clean up proved to be unharmed, except for a few new scratches, by the fall.

However my oldest and most used L series lens did not do as well. It was snapped completely in half by the impact and is at best described as out of order for the rest of this job. The lens had taken its fare share of hits over the past years and come out just fine, you'd expect it from a top of the range piece of equipment. But this time the forces were too great and disappointedly it will take a lot of repair work or a complete replacement.  

What can I expect, its a dangerous job climbing trees and hanging from all angles to try and get the perfect shot of these undiscovered beauties. Luckily I can preserver with current equipment and replace the broken lens in the near future but it is a lesson that is well learned.

The final image in the set is one of a newly discovered orchid and I'm feeling like it'll all be worth it when the species analysis is all done.