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Postcard - Russell Falls, Tasmania

 Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania

Russell Falls, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania

It's 8am on a cold, dreary morning in Tasmania, I've been on the island for just over 24 hours and am already out on the first trip for WAYOUTBACK.COM of the summer. Russell Falls is a place that I've visited many times before in Tasmania, the Mt. Field National Park is on the only access road into the South West Wilderness. I've been into the South West Wilderness of Tasmania every year of the past 5 to explore its priceless beauty and get away from the heat of summertime in the desert.

Mt. Field NP and Russell Falls is more than a place to stop along the way tho. This location has always stirred me into action as it is often the first place out of Hobart where a traveller can become acquainted with Tasmania's temperate rainforest for the first time. The transformation of the landscape from dry farmland into pristine rainforest filled with 80m tall swap gums and moss covered tree ferns is dramatic.

This summer I'm going to be hosting 7 day tours around Tasmania visiting the best that the island has to offer. I very much looking forward to knowing Tasmania, its flora, fauna, history and geology as I do Central Australia's.