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Carnivàle in Bocas el Toro, Panama


Part of the Carnivàle celebrations in Bocas Del Toro, Panama is  this display of bravery in the face of the Diablo. 

As a challenge the young men will enter the ring of The Diablo a street arena where all that cross the line are chased and whipped relentlessly by the Diablos. Here the Diablos set on a group of brave souls testing their bravery whipping the men as a pack trying to remove their defensive sticks. Its all for fun but they don't hold back if the men loose a stick, the Diablos keep whipping until they run out of the arena.

Each afternoon during Carnivàle the diablos take over the streets and entertain spectators with their ceremonial stomping challenging the local men. If you’ve ever been in Bocas during Carnivàle then I bet you’re more than familiar with the bizarre scenes.