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The New Zealand Tree Project

The New Zealand Tree Project ( a major undertaking for 2015. In early March we fly to the North Island for a 10 week shoot where we will be creating a very ambitious single photo of a Rimu tree. This photo will be 2.5-3m wide and 6m tall.

Photographically speaking this is the most difficult photo I've ever decided to create. To capture this enormous tree in one single distortion free image we are combining advanced tree climbing and tree rigging systems along with highly advanced camera systems.

Our 3 canon 5D mkIII cameras will travel 40 vertical meters and using radio camera triggers take a set of photos every 50cm. The 3 images will be stitched together to form a horizontal panorama then each panorama will be stitched vertically to form the final image. It is possible that the final image will be a composite of between 250 and 300 individual images.

Along with this massive photo we are also creating a documentary film that celebrates the natural beauty of the tree and details key points of the conservation moments that protected them from logging. There will also be a strong emphasis on the scientists and their discoveries which from initial conversations is world class.

So far The New Zealand Tree Project has gained several sponsorships from private companies and educational institutions. Visit to learn more